Thursday, April 05, 2018

Fundriaser a great success AND exciting news story!

Hello! We wanted to THANK YOU all for your continued support of the Matthew Emrick Memorial Fund and let you know that the fundraiser was another huge success!! We raised over $11,000! AMAZING! We could not do any of this without your incredible support. 

Because of you, we have raised enough money to not only endow the scholarship so that is a permanent fixture at North BUT we have also been able to fund the new ME Wing at the school (more information below).

We wanted to share a WONDERFUL news story that recently aired on KUNC (NPR in Greeley and Fort Collins) that was put together by our dear friend Stephanie Daniel. You can read about it as well as listen to it below:

Due to the success of the ME Wing at North, we are starting a separate non-profit that will work to bring this mindfulness model into schools and pediatric clinics. We are at the very beginning stages of this endeavor and it will be a separate entity from the Matthew Emrick Fund. Please check out our website below and stay tuned....

Thursday, January 25, 2018

ELEVENTH ANNUAL FUNDRAISER Saturday, February 24th at 5pm

Please join us for the Eleventh Annual Matthew Emrick Memorial Scholarship Fundraiser on SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 24th at 5pm. We are moving to a new location in Thornton. We look forward to sharing exciting news about the M.E. Wing at North. All are welcome...the more the merrier. Please email Tara for more information:

Sunday, August 20, 2017

Please join us for the M.E. Wing dedication on September 26th at 6pm...

Sign on the outside of the M.E. Wing at North
Buying iPads and iPods for the M.E. Wing
Walking through the space for the first time
The space before the creation of the mindfulness corner 
The girls helping bring items into the Wing (and somehow Cece is officially a Middle Schooler...can you tell by her attitude?:)
Delivering more stuff 
Kahlil Matthew "helping" to put together storage racks
Buying tables and more...
Before picture of the space...can't wait to post the after pictures

One final before picture...
We truly cannot believe how this has all come together. It definitely feels divinely orchestrated. The staff at North Middle School has been UNBELIEVABLE.  We will never be able to express our gratitude for keeping Matt's legacy alive at North. The M.E. Wing is a HUGE space at North that will now be the home of the mental health support team, along with communal meeting spaces, a small library, AND the M.E. Mindfulness Project which is being funded by all of the generous donors of the Matthew Emrick Memorial Fund (formerly the Matthew Emrick Memorial Scholarship). The Mindfulness corner includes a space for students to plug into HeartMath (a biofeedback program that assists in breathing, grounding, regulating, and so much more), a space for students to listen to guided meditations, a creative space with mandalas, coloring pencils, paper for journaling, writing poetry etc, AND a space to put down a yoga mat, move through poses, sit on an exercise ball, or lay down and rest. The M.E. Mindfulness Project will have a permanent staff member to support students using the space. The MOST exciting part of this is that we hope to assist the school in replacing regular detention with the use of the M.E. Mindfulness Project and support team in the M.E. Wing.

We are co-hosting the dedication of the M.E. Wing on September 26th at 6pm.  Please join us! For more information about the dedication OR the M.E. Wing in general, please email or call 720.232.6514.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

TENTH Annual Fundraiser raised $15,000!!! We are overwhelmed by your generosity!!!! PLUS exciting news about growing the scholarship AND Matt's birthday this year....

I have wanted to post since Matt's birthday in February and then again after the fundraiser but here we are in July, a few days after the 11th anniversary of his death and the time is right...

WOW!!! We cannot believe how successful our TENTH annual fundraiser was.  THANK YOU all so much for your incredible support!!!! There are SO many people to thank BUT we especially want to thank the people who have donated items to the silent auction every year for the past 10 years: Jackie, Rian, Matt H and LoDo's Bar & Grapevine Liquor and JJ Heims for providing drinks and printing the invitations, AND to Amy & Octavio for donating so generously EVERY year & to the Patricia Crowley Foundation for your continued support. We continue to feel overwhelmed by your commitment to growing Matt's Scholarship....
Thank you Susie & Rick for providing such beautiful, amazing food for the fundraiser AND to Sarah, Beth, Mary Ann, Lara, & the Prykes for all of your help during the fundraiser!

We are very excited to announce that we are gearing up to open a new area at North Middle School dedicated to Matt, the ME Wing.  This new space will include a mindfulness room for the students to use in lieu of traditional detention.  We will post more detailed information when we have it but we wanted you all to know that your support has made this all possible.  Matt will be a permanent presence at North AND we will now be able to offer support to all of the students at North, not just the scholarship nominees and winners!!!! More to come.....

Bald eagle we saw at City Park on Matt's 38th Birthday, February 6, 2017

Finally, I have wanted to write about Matt's birthday this year and somehow the time slipped away. Kahlil and I went for a walk in City Park on February 6th and saw a bald eagle.  It was beyond amazing!! I felt like it was a beautiful connection to made me drop in to what his 38th birthday meant to me.  I thought about how significant my 38th birthday was for was the year I was pregnant with Kahlil....such a blessing.  February 6th was such a bittersweet day, as it always is, but this year I felt so much sadness that Matt was never able to become a father yet his spirit is so very present in his nephew and nieces.  I realized that this past decade for me began with the death of my beautiful younger brother Matthew (4 months after I turned 30) AND ended with the birth of my beautiful son, Kahlil Matthew (4 months before I turned 40).  And Selecia and Adalea were born into our family during that many blessings amongst the darkest period of my life....and that's really what it is all about...this being human....bright beautiful light coming out of complete and sorrow on the same coin....can't have one without the means missing Matt everyday and remembering to feel grateful for our blessings everyday.  It is a daily practice, especially with the darkness in the world right now, but we are being called to bring forth our light....bright, open, vulnerable, real....find our healing and support others along the way....and out of this a beautiful healing space, the ME Wing, is being birthed at North Middle School and I feel grateful for what this decade will bring.....sending love & light to all of you....thank you Matt for continuing to stay close...we miss and love you....

2017 Scholarship winners

Monday, January 09, 2017

Thank you for all of your support last year and please join us for the TENTH Annual Fundraiser in February

Thank you for all of your support last year! We raised over $11,000 at the fundraiser.  AMAZING! We were able to award THREE winners in 2016.  We decided to make it special because it was the 10th year of awarding Matt's scholarship to graduating North Middle School students.  We will go back to awarding two winners this year.

Please join us for the TENTH Annual Fundraiser on Saturday, February 25th at Tara & Bryan's home.  Please email for more information:

ALL are welcome.
We will be giving out small gifts as a token of our appreciation for all of your support this past decade.

We are especially looking forward to bringing our community together this year and feel compelled to work even more for justice, human connection, and equality.  Now is the time to take action for what is right.  All things Matt stood for....

It is so hard to believe Matt has been gone so long....we miss him every day....

Hope to see you all in February!!
With love & gratitude, The Emricks

Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Please join us for the NINTH ANNUAL Matthew Emrick Memorial Scholarship Fundraiser

We look forward to coming together to honor Matt and celebrate his legacy at our ninth annual fundraiser on Saturday, February 27, 2016 from 5 to 7pm.  All are welcome.  For more information please contact Tara at


Thank you for all of your support of the Matthew Emrick Memorial Scholarship! We raised over $10,000 at our 2015 Fundraiser and are SO grateful. We are quickly approaching $100,000 in the fund! Because of your support we were able to raise the scholarship amount to $1200 for each recipient. We are amazed!

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Come to our Eighth Annual Memorial Scholarship Fundraiser on FEBRUARY 28th!

We are planning our Eighth Annual Fundraiser for SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 28th from 5:00 to 7:00pm.  Please come and bring family & friends.  The more the merrier! We will have a silent auction, cocktails, appetizers.  Donations of any amount collected at the door (no amount is too small....) For more information please email  Hope to see you there!
2014 Scholarship Winners