Sunday, August 20, 2017

Please join us for the M.E. Wing dedication on September 26th at 6pm...

Sign on the outside of the M.E. Wing at North
Buying iPads and iPods for the M.E. Wing
Walking through the space for the first time
The space before the creation of the mindfulness corner 
The girls helping bring items into the Wing (and somehow Cece is officially a Middle Schooler...can you tell by her attitude?:)
Delivering more stuff 
Kahlil Matthew "helping" to put together storage racks
Buying tables and more...
Before picture of the space...can't wait to post the after pictures

One final before picture...
We truly cannot believe how this has all come together. It definitely feels divinely orchestrated. The staff at North Middle School has been UNBELIEVABLE.  We will never be able to express our gratitude for keeping Matt's legacy alive at North. The M.E. Wing is a HUGE space at North that will now be the home of the mental health support team, along with communal meeting spaces, a small library, AND the M.E. Mindfulness Project which is being funded by all of the generous donors of the Matthew Emrick Memorial Fund (formerly the Matthew Emrick Memorial Scholarship). The Mindfulness corner includes a space for students to plug into HeartMath (a biofeedback program that assists in breathing, grounding, regulating, and so much more), a space for students to listen to guided meditations, a creative space with mandalas, coloring pencils, paper for journaling, writing poetry etc, AND a space to put down a yoga mat, move through poses, sit on an exercise ball, or lay down and rest. The M.E. Mindfulness Project will have a permanent staff member to support students using the space. The MOST exciting part of this is that we hope to assist the school in replacing regular detention with the use of the M.E. Mindfulness Project and support team in the M.E. Wing.

We are co-hosting the dedication of the M.E. Wing on September 26th at 6pm.  Please join us! For more information about the dedication OR the M.E. Wing in general, please email or call 720.232.6514.

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Yoko Kono said...

Love, love, love this idea for Mindfulness Space! Every School should create a space like this. Good Luck with everything, Can't wait to see the after pics.